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December 5th, 2014

Neale Donald Walsch’s Be The Source Replay

Neale Donald Walsh is on a mission to start a new conversation for the betterment of the evolution of humanity … and we are honored to take part.

His extraordinary wisdom and eye-opening insights bring new awareness to our ideas of what God is and how drastically different life could be if we all understood that we are not separate from God (and, therefore, each other).

From understanding why there is massive dysfunction and what we can do to make THE difference on a global scale, Neale ignited within us a new level of compassion and activism to fully express the Divinity of NOW and BE the Source that we are.

Our Q&A moved us at the deepest levels and filled our hearts with new found hope and love…

We learned the importance of making a life rather than a living, to love what is, to live in the joy and wonder of who we really are right now, and that by helping others heal, we heal ourselves.

This show opened us in ways we never knew existed.

You must listen and let your heart and mind integrate into this beautiful, new evolutionary position of ONEness.

And if you want to play deeper with Neale, please check out his free book, The Storm Before The CalmHERE.

If you wish to join Neale in committing to effect real change on the planet through spiritual awakening, then do check out Evolution Revolution HERE.

Listen to Neale’s replay here:


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