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June 12th, 2012

Open to The Power of Your Potential With Panache Desai

Panache Desai joined us on Healing With The Masters for another fantastic call and opened our eyes to a new world of possibilities through this first Question & Answer call of Encore Week. You will literally experience a series of miracles on this call!

Our first question came from Casey who is looking to change her life circumstance and move into the love and abundance that she desires. Panache shifted her relationship with the energy that money is by lovingly dissolving all positions that she holds around money. He enabled her to release the limiting beliefs and shared that powerful experience with everyone on the call.

As he explained, you are a thread in the tapestry of humanity. Your precious life is so much more important than you may be giving yourself credit for. We are all in this together.

Alicia was our next caller who is looking to think, speak, and act more lovingly. Panache helped her change her perception of energy and embrace the pure potential that she truly is. Embrace the potential of your own life and see that you’ve never been wrong. The judgment of this planet is bringing you down – allow Panache to show you how to rise above that judgment. You have always been magnificent and will always be.

Nancy would like to trust in love and life. Panache allowed us to see how easy it is to re-ground ourselves and embrace this reality with open arms. He reaffirmed that it can be tough to trust in this world but helped each and every person on the call to experience the love of this world.

This call literally shifts your entire experience of life. As the calls continued, Panache helped us to see the miraculous nature of our existence. He empowered us to heal, love, and truly live through this life. Listen in – you will change at the vibrational level. What that means is that you’ll soon feel everything you need to feel in order to authentically embody you in all your glory.

You were born knowing the truth of all that is but somewhere along the line, you embraced the lie that you’re not good enough. Your intuition, guidance, and innate abilities are there for a reason, open up to the power of your potential and you’ll soon see how infinite you are. By listening to this replay and jumping into the fantastic experience we had here on Healing With The Masters, you are allowing Spirit to move through you and use you as a divine instrument.

Change your reality, reshape this world, and continue to grow with Panache Desai by listening to this bonus call HERE, and visiting his limited special offer HERE.

Remember, you are so powerful. You are powerful enough to change your world, heal your body, and completely shift your life.


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