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May 29th, 2013

Overflowing Joy and Abundance Through Giving With Cynthia Kersey

We leapt into the universal flow of energy through this eye-opening and enlightening call with Cynthia Kersey on Healing With The Masters.

We started by talking about the law of giving and what it means for all aspects of your experience on this planet. Giving to others and offering your time, talents and financial resources is a direct route to an immeasurable source of joy, happiness and peace.

In fact, scientific research has actually proven that giving is the most potent force on the planet. It has a truly significant impact on all areas of our life.

“Give and it shall be given unto you,” helps to lay the foundation for the law of giving.

Cynthia shared about her path to living a life without boundaries and offered invaluable insight to help each and every person listening in to do the same.

CLICK HERE to listen to Cynthia’s call and discover how giving has the power to enrich ALL aspects of your life.

When you move into harmony with giving, there is a good that comes to you that cannot be contained. Give from your heart, without attachment, and begin to experience true joy.


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