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February 22nd, 2013

Panache Desai is on OPRAH!

Panache is on Oprah! I was musing about my time with Panache in Florida at his event, at which I had the pleasure of speaking in tandem with him for a whole day. As I started writing this, it then became a set of reflections on my friendship and partnership with Panache and the experience I feel about our wonderful community…

With my schedule, the way it is, there really isn’t a lot of time to do speaking engagements or appearances, but when Panache Desai invited me to his 12-12-12 Global Gathering, there was absolutely no doubt I was going to be part.

I believe he and I work well together because we are so on the same page, which is why we’ve become such good friends. And I knew we’d be in a festival of beings who want to play at a deep and powerful level. I sensed it would be incredible because Panache and I teach matching principles, we get each other so well – on so many levels, and we draw similar audiences – filled with seekers who want to see and embrace their light and take full responsibility for their lives.

My purpose in doing Panache’s 12-12-12 Global Gathering was to be of service. You may not know this about me, but in addition to my ongoing joy of being a healer and the great pleasure I get from being an entrepreneur, it is all backed by a platform of commitment.

My ongoing intention is my declaration, which is “As a conduit and an amplifier I share mine and others’ sacred inspirations and visions on a large scale to encourage and empower shifts in perception for increased global consciousness. In service, I commit to my own growth and the growth of those I interact with, nurturing our unique human potential and creating forgiveness, release, financial abundance and joy along the way. What others see as obstacles I see as opportunities. I now share my light without hesitation, shining the light of ‘the art of life mastery’ to all.”

So, essentially, my life is about being of service, letting people experience their light and see and know the miracle that they are. Whenever I speak anywhere, that is my primary objective – to show people to themselves and assist them in seeing their own divine “beingness.” Panache provided an opportunity to amplify that message through this remarkable event and his partnership. And what a joy and honor it was to share the stage with this remarkable soul.

The Global Gathering was called “Exponential Potential” and, in the brochure, Panache asked, “Will you receive it?” So, I started my program by asking that very question.

Many folks at these workshops will shout “Yes” to a question like that. As I tapped into the energy of this specific room of 300, there were only five that truly felt the energy of receiving. So I asked into that energy and said, “I don’t want your mind answering me again for the next six to eight hours that we’re together. I want your being, your soul, to answer that with a level of confidence that it’s real and will now show up in your life.”

The rest of that day was spent in partnership with Panache, allowing the audience members to fully embrace themselves, fundamentally and profoundly, and move into receiving the infinite, bright light that they are. And this truly is possible when we move forward… Say “yes” and be fully congruent with it in ALL areas of life. YOU IN?

I also remember the individual people who participated in the three-and-a-half-hour, one-on-one session program called “The Love Affair.” As I flash back on their faces and watch and feel their system shift through our interaction, it was one of the best things I’ve felt in years. Probably more than half the gathering was filled with members of our community and it was really wonderful to spend time with and embrace everyone.

It was a wonderful dance throughout that remarkable day of expansion; I spend so much of my time in my office, running this wonderful business of peace, that it was really an amazing and beautiful treat to see our community in person and hug the people who have changed over the years as a result of them diving into their light and using our programming to transform their lives.

The opportunity to interact was incredible and I deeply saw everyone in the audience shift dramatically. The energy was just off the charts. It was really rich.

And as McLean Masterworks and its many programs move into the future, we’re going to be doing more workshops for direct interaction with our community. But, in the meantime, season 11 of Healing With The Masters is RIGHT around the corner. You can register HERE for  your chance to experience MORE of Panache and 27 other amazing speakers (including Wayne Dyer, Ram Dass, Neale Donald Walsch and more – teaching YOU to say YES to your life).

So, if you want more Panache, there are two ways you can experience his divine messages and insights:

Register HERE for our all new 11th season of Healing With The Masters – and get access to Panache’s exclusive, FREE 4-show inspirational video series NOW.

Also, I am so excited that our very own Panache Desai will be on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday this Sunday, February 24, 2013 at 11AM Eastern/Pacific on OWN and via worldwide simulcast at Oprah.com and the Super Soul Sunday Facebook page.

So, we invite you to unite with us in intention to flood the planetary grid with your energy of love. We can use this portal of opportunity to amplify Panache’s important and powerful messages of love into a broader spectrum of light through Oprah’s audience. So, get your friends and family to watch and hold an intention of love as you do the same. Let’s use this opportunity and shift this WHOLE thang!

Mark your calendars for February 24th and tap into your high-frequency capacity to unite with us, through intention, as we collectively imbue this special show with love, creating a portal of love to transmit around the globe for ALL to receive it.


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