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April 22nd, 2010

Radically Forgiving with Colin Tipping

There are likely not many people who wouldn’t want to give and receive forgiveness in some way or another, and tonight’s call with Colin Tipping offered the tools to experience just that.

Colin talked about the difference between traditional forgiveness and radical forgiveness. When we forgive someone traditionally, we’re just letting go of the anger or resentment, but there may still be a need to condemn the person/situation that wronged us. When we forgive radically, we bring more empathy and compassion into the mix and get to see why the person/situation hurt us. We get to look at the reasons that may have come up for why this actually happened. We eventually come to an understanding that there may actually be a divine purpose for what happened. That what happened was part of the soul’s plan for us to experience this trigger so we can heal and move forward .

Colin explained the victim archetype/consciousness, as a certain way of thinking that we’re always subjective or negatively impacted by unforeseen circumstances without there actually being any meaning to what happened. When thinking this way, we may believe that everything and everyone is out to get us, or we may even base our happiness on situations changing according to our expectations (i.e. If I didn’t have to take care of my parents, I’d be happy, etc.).

He said that victim consciousness does have an advantage… it serves as a way of creating opportunities, so we can have these experiences. For without them, we wouldn’t be able to play the game. These opportunities help us see there’s another way…

When we open ourselves to this new way of thinking, we become awakened, and we find ourselves being more in service to others and seeing triggers as opportunities for healing. Colin said his tools activate our spiritual intelligence… the part of us that knows why we’re here. He then told us what the 5 stages of radical forgiveness were.

  • Tell the victim story… just get it out!
  • Feel the feeling associated with the person/situation.
  • Collapse the energy that’s holding the story together (strip away the things we’ve added to it and our expectations of how things “should have” happened). When we do this, we get to the essence of what really happened.
  • Be willing to see the situation differently. See that there is a lesson to be learned.
  • Move into the need to do something physical towards healing (uninstall the old victim story and install the new story).

Soon as you change your energy, the other person feels the shift.
They then have the choice to accept the new energy or reject it,
but you’ll no longer be attached to the old story.

I asked Colin to share a story from his book which is a wonderful example of a woman radically forgiving.

Her name was Deborah, and she had attended one of his workshops. 13 years prior, she had been wronged by a client (she was shafted financially by this person). As a favor, she created a jingle for him for next to nothing… something she usually charged thousands for. Apparently, he couldn’t pay the high fees, and she really wanted to help him. Well, as a result of her jingle, he ended up becoming a millionaire. She later approached him and asked how she could “get in” on what he was doing, and he told her that his business wasn’t in the business of giving money away. Needless to say, she was crushed/angry/upset… for 13 long years. At the end of Colin’s workshop, she had worked through this situation and healed her association with it. Money started flowing in, and although, she didn’t receive any money from this client, she did receive a phone call filled with his gratitude for how she helped him when he was in need. Because of her willingness to heal, her life changed in magnificent ways… and she started living from her heart and living her dreams. She released herself from the grasp of victim consciousness.

I asked Colin what do we do when moments of reaction show up once we’re awake? He said we should experience them… but we’ll see that we don’t hang on to the story. We’ll experience shorter release times.

We then talked about Radical Weightloss, a program he created to help release the energy that keeps so many stuck with weight that never seems to budge no matter what steps are taken. Colin said a lot of us hold weight as a way of protecting ourselves from being attacked. This is especially true for someone who was abused in some way. He said that our bodies reflect our emotional health (sexual abuse will carry weight at the hips/2nd chakra). His program was designed to help people get in touch with their stories to release the energy that’s holding on to the weight.

I then asked him to give us an example of how we can use the worksheet process offered in Radical Forgiveness. Colin said the worksheet actually takes us through the 5 stages.

Sample questions…

      What happened?
      What are the feeling you have about this?
      Are you willing to see that your feeling are a reflection of how you see the situation?
      Has this happened before? (get to notice any patterns)
      What expectations/judgments did you have?

If it upsets you, it’s within you as well.

Colin mentioned a couple of key points that we should remember… forgiveness is something you do for yourself. He also said that if there’s someone in our life that we think could use radical forgiveness, we should be subtle about it by leaving the book in clear view. If they pick it up, and it resonates with them, great! If it doesn’t, we get to release ourselves from any attachment we may have had with any expectations.

I could feel so many people shifting on this call… really opening themselves to seeing situations that they’re still attached to through a deeper awareness and willingness to heal.

Colin is offering a wonderful companion CD to his book, Radical Forgiveness… if you want an even deeper experience of forgiveness in your life then choose this amazing offer ~ JUST $13.00. Simply CLICK HERE to order yours!

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