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August 15th, 2014

Reclaiming Your Brilliance with William Linville

William’s accelerated, guided journeys of universal unraveling allowed our physical, mental and emotional bodies to move into new states of possibility and freedom in every area of life.

We gained a deeper understanding of loss and death and saw beyond the physicality of three-dimensional existence while experiencing the heartwarming presence of our beloveds who are still very much present.

An astonishing ride into our limitless magnificence guided us to adjust, re-align and restore our beingness, letting the brilliant stream of consciousness drain and release all old resonant energies from our fields while grounding us in our limitless Divinity.

These collective, accelerated frequencies of higher consciousness made for a beautiful and powerful Q&A that extracted everyone on the call out of all forms of density and catapulted us into total lightness.

Prepare to open up, blaze forth, activate, initiate, and unfold… Your life is about to change FOREVER.

If you are being called to receive more heightened insights from William’s accelerated and powerful journeys, this BRAND NEW content will guide you to clarity, vibrancy, understanding, and total restoration.

His incredible video series, which has never, ever been released, will help you fully express your Divine magnificence as you activate, initiate, unfold and embrace every magnificent aspect of you.

Get in touch with your highest self, highest vibration and perfect creator consciousness and soar to a whole new level of manifestation and creation.

Take back your power and live as the creator of your own reality while effortlessly jumping back and forth from the mind to the heart and fully and fearlessly express all of your beautiful capacities.

Plus, his previously unreleased 5-module series helps you to release old resonant energies that have held you back and guide you to fully express YOU from the heart of your being.

Are you ready to discover all that you’re capable of creating and SO MUCH MORE?


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