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June 1st, 2012

Rise to Meet Your Higher Levels With William Linville

We jumped into this call with William Linville and took off running.

From the beginning, he explained that you have the ability to meet your Self for the very first time. There is so much unfolding and taking place that is leading to your most beautiful expression of Self.

William shares that the universe is shifting and changing in such a profound way to enable you to see yourself as your full and complete embodiment and fullest expression of you. Break down and rewrite your physicality in order to exist as a full and complete creator incarnate.

We are happening now and creating our experience as we see it now. You create your own reality. From conflicts right in front of you, to car accidents, to love, and even down to cells and tissues, you have played a role in the creation of all of it. When you’re surrounded by events and situations that you’d rather not have created, William says that we can all enjoy the entertainment value as we observe and suggests that we take them with a grain of salt.

You can either battle for peace and combat the battle you see with another battle, or accept that we are all equal and admit that everything in this universe is coming to a point of equilibrium and neutrality. There can only be victimizers if there are victims and vice versa.

Your image is your creator levels and your pure divine creator essence. Rebuild, regenerate and come into alignment with who you truly are and allow your being to evolve and shift into your true brilliance and magnificence. Discover how to take command and embrace your image as a wide-open and amplified state.

He completely embodies and practices what he describes and makes it possible to see, first hand, what it means to live in a creator state and view the events of this world from the perspective of one removed. He embraces the entertainment value of the events of this world.

Come forward and step into your own brilliance with the support of your angelic family cheering you on.

Join William as he takes you beyond belief systems and shows you how to give the total directedness to your body principle by connecting all of your levels. Give your body the ability to function with, amplify, and ultimately work with you to serve your highest purpose. And remember to ask the question “What about you?”

Play with everything that is and dance through this life.

Take a series of journeys that will change your physical body and leave you completely transformed. To tap into the energy of this call, you really must listen in and experience it first-hand. There is a vast energy on this call and you definitely don’t want to miss it, listen to the replay here, and take this journey to the next level by feeling into William’s generous special offer HERE. He will take you through a BRAND NEW series, which has never been shared in this way.


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