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October 28th, 2010

Enhancing Your Life using EFT with Nick Ortner

According to tonight’s guest on Healing with the Masters, Nick Ortner, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) isn’t just for clearing the issues in your life. It can literally be used on everything.

Nick was first introduced to EFT during a demonstration of the modality while attending a seminar a few years ago. His curiosity later led him to try it on himself, and to his amazement, he experienced an instant shift. He then began using it on his friends and family and saw them shift. His excitement and love for EFT moved him to create the movie, The Tapping Solution (originally released as Try It on Everything) because he wanted to share it with others.

He talked about how he chose not to share this vision with a lot of people, and of the importance of running with the initial energy that we feel towards achieving our goals. He did share it with people who, through their own enthusiasm, fueled his passion even more. He chose not to share it with people who, through their old world paradigms, would instill any doubt that he couldn’t accomplish his dream.

Vision + commitment= magic

Nick also mentioned that he wasn’t financially solid when he began this project, and as he grew with the project, he learned to release the expectation of it becoming an overnight success. He’s now in a better place (in all areas of his life) because of this.

EFT is very expansive. We can use it to address our own issues without the need to go to a practitioner like an acupuncturist. He said anything we’re dealing with in any given moment is a disruption in the energy system; those things that keep us stuck. He then walked us through a brief process.

He also talked about something that helped release the limitations he was carrying around. He calls it the Personal Peace Procedure where he wrote down everything in his life (past, present, etc.) that still had an emotional charge to it. He said whenever we think of something, and we’re triggered by it, we allow our energy to be drained… on a daily basis.

And whenever we feel stressed about something like money, there’s always going to be an emotional block that’s causing that stress. Nick said we need to choose how we show up in life by releasing these blocks, so we can move forward.

He walked us through another process to clear financial stressors. After the process, we were invited to pay attention to what showed up during the tapping because what may have shown up was another opportunity for us to clear. And we should keep tapping until our barometer is zero (no longer charged when we think of the issue vs a ten when we’re completely stressed out).

EFT can fit anywhere in our life that isn’t flowing, AND it can also enhance the things that are flowing beautifully.

So, try it on everything… and experience transformative shifts in your life today!

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