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November 11th, 2010

Shifting Energy Patterns with Carol Look

So, what’s an energy pattern? Carol Look, tonight’s guest on Healing with the Masters, told us if everything’s a pattern then we have the power to tap into the energy we want to experience more. Do we want more stress (not enough money, weight issues, sickness), or do we want more abundance (well-being, healthy weight, wellness)?

Habits, parental teachings, and societal coaching all play a part in our behaviors, especially, if we don’t realize that the patterns can be changed. It’s when we recognize the pattern that it can be shifted. Patterns are a way for us to hide from the truth.

Common patterns are stress, procrastination, lack of self-esteem/self-love that cause us to display common behaviors, AND we must look at the common denominator whenever a pattern keeps showing up. The truth is the common denominator will be staring back at us in the mirror.

We need to introduce pattern interrupters in order for us to change the pattern. They say we have over 60,000 thoughts a day so, we need to introduce more positive thoughts in order to transform. Energy work greatly reduces our reaction when the patterns show up. When we take one NOW at a time, we find that change comes more easily and effortlessly. When we try to “fix” everything at once, the patterns re-emerge, and we spiral… in the wrong direction.

Carol said when we’re overwhelmed, it’s harder for us to make good decisions. Once we fully understand that life just happens, we’ll be better equipped to handle what shows up with more grace and integrity. If patterns aren’t dealt with, symptoms show up because the energy around the pattern hasn’t been released, and when we treat others poorly (because of our expectations of them), we see that we’re also not in integrity.

Energy gets stuck in our meridians, but it’s not difficult to get back in the flow. We need to do what we need to do to get peaceful. We need to look at all of our relationships, and ask how are they going (relationship with self, family, friends, employers/employees, pets, etc.)? Is there any intellectual or emotional stimulation in our lives (reading, meditating, getting out in nature, doing things that are fun)?

It’s the little things that bring us more peace, so we also really need to give ourselves more moments of silence.

I really enjoyed this call with Carol. Her humor and down-to-earth style really make EFT fun to learn and do!

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