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March 15th, 2009

Sonia Ricotti on Healing With The Masters

Sonia Ricotti was on Thursday's Show of Healing With The Masters and reminded us of the essentials of the Law of Attraction. She also added some wonderful anecdotal illustrations of the principles applied very inspiring stuff.

She talked about her book The Law of Attraction Plain and Simple and offered 11 simple steps. For those of you that are familiar with the LOA this will be a nice refresher course. For those that don't this is a must read:

1) Decide What you want. What are you complaining about… use that as the contrast for what you don't want and then decide what you do want!

2) Choose your thoughts and feelings. Become aware of your thoughts and use your feelings as a barometer for where you are in the flow of your creations.

3) Keep and open mind. And Sonia asked us "what do you want to be remembered for" and suggested we write our own eulogy. Then use that to find out who we are and the values that mean the most to us.

4) Remove meaning. Stop taking what others do and say personally. They are just doing what they have to do to get by and it usually isn't even about you.

5) LET GO! Accept what is. Sonia talked about seeing the colsed door instead of experiencing the joys of the open door… She offered an amazing story about this, you can read it at my friend Cyndy Krupp's site http://evolutionezine.com/opening-closed-doors-with-sonia-ricotti/

6) Forgiveness. Look for a silver lining in situations where you felt someone has done you wrong. They are just doing their best they can and in most instances it wasn't about you… you were just a trigger.

7) Unleash the Past. The past exists only in your mind yet can control how you behave now. So back to #5 let it go.

8) Be grateful… the foundation to all joy, all attraction, and all creating. Be grateful for what you have now.

9) Choose your friends carefully. Look around at your friends they represent where you are at energetically. don't like what you see then change it. Your friends can bring you up or down or up… just notice what you feel when with your friends.

10) Connect the mind, body and spirit… integrate these 3 aspects so they are in touch in a deep way and connected.

11) ALLOW it. Remove all doubt. "This or something better…"

Sonia also offered a look into her new project that just launched this week (http://budurl.com/LOLShift):

The SHIFT Project will not only help you glide through these turbulent economic times with ease but it will have you achieve greatness and live the life of your dreams despite all that is going on around the world!

Sonia’s SHIFT 21 Day Challenge Audio Program will transform your life in 21 days! You will achieve prosperity, inner peace, happiness, and bring back the passion in your life like never before!

You will also receive advice and coaching from some of the most amazing transformational leaders on the planet! Listen to some of it for free right now! http://budurl.com/LOLShift

AND This project is literally worth thousands of dollars but Sonia and her team want it to be accessible to everyone during these tough times. You will be stunned at the cost (and it’s risk-free)! http://budurl.com/LOLShif

If you want to hear this call you can still do so by signing up to Healing With the Masters the audio will be available until Tuesday night.


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