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October 2nd, 2015

The Colors of Your Soul ~ Dougall Fraser’s Replay

Dougall Fraser‘s remarkable insights, precise readings and amazing processes ignited an energy of support that bridged our hearts and minds and invited us to discover the unmatchable power of our own inner guidance.

A very unique and powerful healing discipline identified, transmitted and installed balancing and nourishing energies that correspond to the colors of the soul…

And we experienced an instant cleanse that moved us into total clarity and alignment with our highest self.

We learned how being of service influences the cycle of energy, and how honest, vulnerable and authentic connection satisfies and nurtures us.

From recognizing the importance of intimacy and noticing the opportunities to create balance in our lives, to redesigning our thought processes and fully expressing ourselves, our live Q&A demonstrated so clearly how to transmute every negative thought into a positive one.

Listen to the replay HERE (use the password healing to access it) and experience what our listeners described as “graceful heart-opening that brought new understandings about EVERYTHING and elevated and reassured me,” “one eye-opener after another. It’s like Dougall was talking to me the entire time,” and “a comforting and encouraging conversation with an old friend.”

And, if you’re ready to permanently release the densities of life and adopt a new way of thinking, being AND existing, Dougall’s unbelievably bountiful (and insanely discounted) collection of potent tools will transform you into your most brilliant, capable, purposeful and passionate self.

Click HERE to join him on an extraordinary life adventure guaranteed to remove energetic ties and limitations, move you into the deepest levels of forgiveness, express ALL of your gifts, and connect with the highest resources for embodying new found wisdom, joy, fulfillment, clarity, peace and presence.


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