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November 4th, 2010

The Peaceful Warrior in You with Dan Millman

Tonight’s guest on Healing with the Masters truly has a peaceful heart, and a warrior spirit. Dan Millman may be soft-spoken, but his words packed a powerful punch!

We talked about what it means to live the life of the Peaceful Warrior, and Dan told us the way is by striving to live a more peaceful heart, but have a warrior spirit. This means that we live and interact with life from love, but we also stand up for what we want and believe. These are some basic fundamental qualities to live life… better.

When things are going well, we often don’t look for change, or we may not care much about the world around us. It’s when things aren’t going the way we think they should that we become more aware of the need for change to better ourselves… which, ultimately, changes our experiences. A common belief is we think if we fix the inside by trying to control every emotion and thought then we can fix anything. But emotions and thoughts change all the time. When we stop trying to control, we see that what we can fix is what we do (our reactions to life). We “fix” by taking small steps that are in alignment with our desires.

We should accept our thoughts and feelings whether we like them or not as being natural in the moment. When we’re open, we find our teacher is everywhere and in everyone. We also find that we have no friends… or enemies because each of us is a lamp to someone else.

Sometimes, we find more meaning by learning what we can and sharing what we know with others. We also learn that we can transcend anything by focusing on the moment. We create our experiences… so, we must also create our responses to what shows up. When we’re in judgment of life… we stay in that vibration!

Dan said that change isn’t always easy, but it’s subtle. With each baby step, we’ll begin to notice shifts in our perceptions and reactions. And if we define every step we take on our journey as a success, shifts will continue to show up at a pace we can better assimilate in our daily lives.

He also talked about achieving versus enjoying life. Dan said when we’re looking to achieve a goal, we do so because we think the achievement is going to make us happy. But when we practice happiness, we see that we’re smiling more, and treating others with kindness as best we can. With 80-85% of the world “struggling” to survive every day, we can see how important enjoying life is.

Life is a part of our process. Think of it as Spiritual Weightlifting.
Life is here… to strengthen us.

What a fantastic call!

Check out Dan’s new graphic novel of Peaceful Warrior (click book to purchase)…

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