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June 8th, 2012

Trade Old Behaviors for a New Life With Dr. Joe Dispenza

What a fantastic call on Healing With The Masters with Dr. Joe Dispenza! Your brain is literally changing with every new thought. Dr. Joe Dispenza explained how to tap into your subconscious traits and characteristics to evolve your being. He went into further detail about epigenetics and shared that when new ways of stimulation come into your world, you actually create new neurons and enable your brain to fire in new ways.

If you want to change your personal reality and reshape your destiny, you must first change your personality. Change how you think, act, and feel to align with the life you’re longing to lead and you’ll be able to create it. In essence, you’re reshaping your Self at the root of who you are.

The changes you make must create a unique and entirely new co-creation of your world. If you interpret everything through your familiar experiences or events, your brain learns nothing new and switches into autopilot. By pushing your mind to reach for the un-experienced and forcing your Self to co-create with an intelligence larger than your physical body, you actually shift at the genetic level!

You can’t go into a new future by holding on to the emotions of the past. Life events have the power to turn moods into personality traits. And, unless you know how to release the negative ones, they’ll keep you stuck where you don’t want to be.

When you feel that your subconscious emotions are taking control and pushing you into an old behavior, you must first remove yourself from that event and begin to observe what’s happening. Become aware of your Self. Make a more powerful decision to respond differently. Look at the situation and remind yourself of who you want to be, how you want to live, and how you want to respond. That energy of the choice of positive change is greater than the addiction. When you do this consistently, your positive intention and repetitive practice actually solidifies who you’re working to become.

Move into an elevated emotion of how an event would feel before it’s had the ability to affect you. When you do, you positively change your personality.

You have the power to make thought more real than reality itself; if you’re unaware of your knee-jerk reactions, you’re letting life change you rather than changing life. Ultimately, you’ll get to the point where the outside world does not have the ability to affect your personal reality. You can walk through the flames or imagined “stressors” of life and come out completely unchanged.

This new form of knowing allows you to learn and forge new connections. If you can take what you’ve learned and apply it to your life, you create new experiences, which shape new behaviors. When you take those new behaviors and actively respond through what you know, your body understands what your mind knows and you embody that knowledge. Then, practice, practice, practice. Condition your body to memorize the new behaviors that you’re working to create and they become a subconscious reaction.

Ultimately, your subconscious reactions or programs are the result of your drive to change. When that happens, you are actively co-creating your reality. The world no longer affects you.

Lose your mind in order to create a new one and continue to learn and evolve. Begin causing what happens in your life and be effective in creating your reality. Move from your old, inhibiting beliefs, reactions, and personality traits and take regular steps to reaffirm who you want to become. You don’t have to come to the lowest point in your life to begin growing and improving. Rather, wake up every morning and ask yourself what the greatest expression of your Self looks life.

To really grasp what Dr. Joe discussed, and gain the benefit of his GUIDED MEDITATION, listen to his replay on Healing With The Masters. Begin shaping your reality and turn your subconscious reactions into positive responses that reaffirm who you want to be. Improve your life with Dr. Joe Dispenza and learn the intimate details of how to literally change your genes through his limited special offer, HERE.


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