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May 23rd, 2012

Welcome Truly Justified Abundance With Emmanuel Dagher

Tonight, we had an amazing chance to meet with Emmanuel Dagher – a true visionary who is connecting the energy of people around the world and showing countless individuals the joy of abundance. He began by explaining that the previously established belief that: self-love and making your self a priority is a selfish act, has fallen away. The curtain has been lifted and it’s now clear that the route to truly interacting with all aspects of this world begins when we accept ourselves for who we are, embrace our gifts, and pour our incredible talents into loving ourselves and establishing nurturing relationships with all energetic signatures.

The mind loves to be in survival mode while the heart loves to exist in a space of comfort, patience, and faith in the omnipresent. Emmanuel suggests using mirror-work and gratitude to solidify the power of your heart. The mind or Ego wants to keep us safe and protected; it goes about that process the only way it knows how. Oftentimes, we’re steered in the wrong direction because the mind clouds our heart’s voice. And, because the universe resides in your heart, acknowledge your mind’s mission and reassure it that your heart is always considering your highest purpose.

Take some time to stare into your own eyes and imagine what it would feel like if your heart were smiling. Forget about everything around you and really focus on having fun with the visualization of an enormous all-teeth-showing grin emanating from your heart-space. You’ll instantly bring your energy into that space and see how positively your heart can shift any situation.

Emmanuel also shared an exercise surrounding laughter. He led everyone on the call to remember a time when you couldn’t help but laugh – you just wanted to let out a wonderfully joyful giggle. Once you’ve captured that memory, hold that laughter in your heart and allow it to fill you up. Then, let it out and laugh and feel how amazing that overwhelming laughter feels. Allow it to reach every inch of your being and embrace the joy that comes up. Raise your vibration and remember how great life is.

After raising the vibration and preparing us to welcome abundance, he shared his true energy therapy. Emmanuel’s Core Energy Therapy is a combination of applied Quantum Physics, energy medicine and theta healing that quickly releases hidden subconscious limitations and reinstate the balance that we’re longing for. He helps you align your subconscious with your own conscious desires and while on the call, utilized the benefit of our collective energy to help shift everyone into a place of true abundance. In preparation for the movement to come, he explained that everything on this planet has an energy signature – even money. As Emmanuel led us to imagine the effect of war, turmoil, unrest, and unending lust on another human being, it became clear that the projections humanity places on money are completely contradictory to its original purpose.

Money was created to be circulated, exchanged, and in essence, money was created to be loved. It’s been traumatized by how we’ve treated it. So, rather than continue to say “I want more, I need more,” and “I have to get more money,” focus on asking how you can love and respect it more. Look at money as your best friend, show it the respect it deserves, and it will come into your life as an equal and loving participant. Love, embrace, heal, support, and be grateful for all that money can do and is going to do in your life. Emmanuel leads you through a process that ensures you are aware of your own worthiness and understanding of money. All it wants to do is serve us. We just need to view it as a powerful participant and respect its desires and purpose.

While it may be difficult for some so accept that money deserves the same kind of nurturing as a beloved friend or family member, Emmanuel reassures everyone that our previously-held beliefs are the foundation for barriers that have created lack. They exist as a perfect example of how the mind fights to keep us safe. In this case, the mind is trying to keep you safe because it doesn’t understand the incredibly profound shift that’s about to occur. Coming to terms with the reality of all things and the energetic signatures they possess is life altering and will change the way you interact with this planet, forever.

Ultimately, Emmanuel allowed us to release the negative patterns and barriers that reside in our subconscious. He opened our worlds to the potential of genuine and respectful abundance. Begin loving yourself the way the universe loves you and know that it’s safe to emanate love for yourself and for others. If you haven’t done so already, CLICK HERE to listen to Emmanuel’s replay and open yourself up to the incredible energy that pours into your being.

Permanently heal your relationships with others and with money and know that you have an infinite value. Release the barriers that prevent you from connecting with the natural energetic circulation, connect with your ability to embrace your most magnificent abilities, and open your self to living a life that overflows with joy, peace, and abundance. Everything Emmanuel teaches is for your ultimate and universal benefit. Continue growing through his amazing energy and wisdom through the generous offering he’s put together, HERE.


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