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December 14th, 2012

You Are Free, Listen in with William Linville

We were joined by William Linville in our third of SIX Encore Week calls and the energy here was just explosive.

We took off running into a discussion with William about not playing in the safety and security.

Let go of the concept of a backup plan and acknowledge your own Divinity. By owning up to who you are and the power you hold, you actually empower your whole being.

You are supported and YOU are moving forward. Jump into the dance of all that you are and know that nothing owns or limits you.

Listen in, experience these amazing conversations and get to play with all that this beautiful world has to offer!

All of this: these calls, these contributors, their special offers, and this whole Healing With The Masters series is here for you. Feel the loving embrace of these calls and consider what it’d be like to have them whenever you need them. Watch what’s unfolding in and around you and make the profound shift you’re after by owning all of it. And, take a look at the hand-picked processes and workshops that William has so generously decided to offer.


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