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June 6th, 2013

You are Infinite, Discover How With Rikka Zimmerman

Rikka Zimmerman brought some truly amazing high-frequency resonance and as a global leader in consciousness, she propelled all of us to new heights on this second Question & Answer call of Encore Week at Healing With The Masters.

Jon Griffin helped facilitate the call at Jennifer’s request and helped all of us to hold space of love and healing for her recent and sudden loss.

As you listen to Rikka and Jon discuss the potential of the beautiful and miraculous “us” that we really are, feel into the energy stored in the replay. It exists on the replay page (HERE) for you and really propels you into the exploration of the here and now.

Do you have any idea how much, how fully, and how miraculously you love?
You are ALWAYS loving SO MUCH.

The thought patterns and beliefs of this lifetime may have led you to think that love is not always flowing from you, BUT as Rikka shared, Presence is the doorway into infinite possibility…
Acknowledge your power to love and embrace your self as the miraculous being that you always have been.

This time, right now, is the only and most important time there ever has been or ever will be. Embrace the power of this call as you welcome the power of this time and the impact you are able to make.

You are beautiful.
You are powerful.
You are love.
You are infinite.

Click here to hear the love in Rikka’s voice and open to all that you are.

Learn to open and expand your heart so that you function from the intention of love and create all you need to gracefully overcome whatever life delivers. These powerful tools will vibrationally propel you toward higher realms of infinite possibility and into the life you’ve longed to live.


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