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December 14th, 2012

You Have The Power to Overcome Anything

Did you know that YOU are the spark that enables all of us to grow? Yep! You are the powerful master who opens us up and empowers all of us to change this big beautiful planet of ours.

Christopher shared that we’re currently in a window or bottleneck of energetic transition. It’s created a real, tangible change that all of humanity can feel.

Right now, you’re being surrounded by these vibrations and energetic changes in order to give you the power to stand up with knowledge of and authority over the struggle between good and evil.

He shared such a poetic description of what we’re experiencing and really drew us a map to better understand how a new solar wind is impacting this planet.
Be sure to listen and re-listen to the knowledge he shared there.

Christopher then went on to expand on these changing times and enabled all of us to open up through direct interaction and conversation.

Listen in and hear all the insight and powerful knowledge he shared!

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