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May 22nd, 2013

Your Divine Blueprint With Kenji Kumara

Kenji’s call on Healing With The Masters was SO MUCH FUN! We got to play around with something a little different – exploring the potential of video and offering another way to experience these wonderful individuals who bring such vibrant and transformational energies to you through Healing With The Masters.

Open your palms, open your heart and open your mind to the beautiful energies on this call.

By creating a sacred space together and allowing all Kenji to lead us to a place of trust and faith, we’re playing in a new experiment. Kenji shared about some new universal energies that are working to open us to our Divine Blueprint.

This time around, we got to play with the energies of the here and now by bringing in individuals from all around the world as conduits for whole-group expansion. As you tap in, make sure you’re open and willing to receive the guidance that is meant just for you. Each person who shares in these calls is doing so because they were chosen by the universe to help all of us.

Align with Kenji’s guidance, keep an open heart and alert mind and really embrace what you feel to be true for you.

If you’re listening to the replay (Which you can do HERE), the video will be posted shortly so check back for a whole new perspective and way to sense and experience these calls!

Then, welcome a graceful alignment to the New Earth frequencies, commit to the shift you’ve been longing for and make these amazing tools a part of your daily life by clicking below and exploring all that Kenji has in store for your past, present and future. It’s his goal to help you simplify and embrace a life where receiving Divine guidance is as automatic as second nature. Join in!


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