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May 29th, 2007

Acknowledging Your Own Darkness to Reveal the Light in Others

I was recently tagged by BonnieWabbit  from her blog Inspirational Awareness in
an effort to “reawaken the old lonely posts” which haven’t seemed to receive
quite as much attention as originally anticipated. I decided to use the post
that offered the exercise about releasing someone.
This exercise is a powerful
process and really works. It works because the energy of forgiveness is all
over this (without actually saying the word)

I received an important comment from Kay (found below) about this
and I was going to respond back in comments, but the tag was a great
excuse and Kay’s question was so important and relevant I wanted to bring it
back here.

An excerpt of the “revived” post:

Releasing a Person: An

the person you want to let go of. Imagine them in an absolutely stunning
crystal rock the size of a large mansion. This mansion/crystal is exactly the
right crystal for the person you are releasing. Inside the crystal is everything
this person would every want or dream of. Their hearts desires are contained in
this crystal rock. Picture them going into the rock and getting to experience
everything they ever wanted. Then step back, turn the rock so you can no longer
see the person or the entrance to the rock/mansion. Take a look at all the
energetic lines that are hooking you into this person. There are huge rope-like
things, small wispy tethers, sticky messy sinews, rubber band-like strings. All
of these are hooked up to your from this person and from you to this person.


Here is Kay’s

“I like the idea of releasing a
person and severing ties but I have a problem with the beauty of the crystal.
The person involved has done some very depraved things to children and the
knowledge eats at my soul. I need to release the hate and his influence but
don’t know how to get past the desire to allow him nothing he may enjoy or
desire. I can’t prove what I know so can’t anticipate any legal joy either.
What may work in that situation?”

I was in a situation like Kay’s and what I know now is that
if we allow the best for others, from our intention of experiencing love to
sending positive energy (no matter what they have done), we are actually
healing ourselves. The rage that is inside of Kay is hers and in my experience
often reflects the rage in the one we are judging. Until we as individuals can
release the feelings that are brought out by these types of people we will be
stuck in hate and blame and according to the law of attraction create more of
the same. 

My response here is offering no blame or retribution onto
Kay, what she is feeling is the most common feeling most of use have in
response to evil, and usually helplessness and lack of control come into play
as well. But if we can look inside our soul, if we can see the same types of
feelings that an abuser might have; the rage, the lack of control, the need to
hurt someone, then there is a chance for healing. I don’t know about you but I
have felt all of those feeling at one point on another in my life. The
difference between me and the abuser is that I have not acted on them against
another. However if the supposition of “we are all one” is true then these negative
feeling are likely showing up in the world.

If we can review our own feelings and acknowledge them (big
first step is to acknowledge that we have these dark feeling) then thank the
person who triggered these feelings in us for showing up, and apologizing to
ourselves for having them, then through that process of acknowledging and
gratitude the opportunity is available to release it. Each release of this type,
when I view it from an energetic perspective, unravels another layer of hate
from humanity.

Dr Len who practices Ho’oponopono healed a whole ward of
criminally insane (read Dr Joe
Vitale’s Essay on this
, scroll down on this page for the essay). These
criminals likely did even darker things than Kay’s nemesis, yet Dr. Len took
ownership within himself of the horrible things these people did. He looked at
their files and then looked at himself, at the darkness he had within and,
thanked, loved, and released those feelings and in the process, all were
released of their darkness. This is the opportunity, and the releasing exercise
helps to start that process. (Kay I hope this answered your queston).

I now pass this tag on to some of my favorite blogs: Dr Joe Vitale, Steve Olsen, the Daily Positive Blog, The Naked Soul, Today is That Day, Crossroads Dispatches an Cultivate
, Mimi Writes, Remedial Rumination; revive
those old underappreciated posts!


  1. Mark says:

    I agree with what you wrote. We must be able to reflect on ourself in order to let go of hate, resentment, envy of someone else. For once we look within and acknowledge what is present, then we will be able to let go of all that shackles us.
    Thanks for the tag, I don’t usually do tags, however in this case it makes sense.