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May 9th, 2008

Attract Wealth Recap

WOW… that is almost all I can say. What an incredible weekend. I met the most present grounded and successful people at this past weekend’s Attract Wealth seminar put on by the ever amazing and expanding Joe Vitale and the lovely smart and talented Mark Ryan. One of my favorites was Craig Perrine, he is pushing a new frontier in online marketing… encouraging a level of presence and intuition in business that is helping thousands through his book Inspired Marketing (get it!). He is an absolute gem.

On e of the inspirational stories in Craig’s book is about Lisa Coultman, yet another fantastic and gifted spirit that I met at the seminar. Lisa is an artist that works with words in glass creating inspiring and healing jewelery that can help to make a difference in your life. Her amazing energy is infused in the artwork and she takes great care creating one of a kind pieces for individuals. She is working on a huge project to help third world nations… I will fill you in on that once I get a few more details. What is so amazing about Lisa is that several years ago she would not have considered herself an artist and this amazing and successful business she has created wasn’t even an inkling for her, but through synchronicities and listening to the bread crumbs the universe was leaving her, she is finding real success and helping so many.

What breadcrumbs is the universe leaving for you? When will you act on those?

I had the privilege of sitting with Aymee Rodriguez  at dinner on Saturday night, just a gem of a person. She is a healer and coach and is making a difference in every life she touches (including mine). She used the weekend to come up with a new product, jumped right on the inspiration and it is in the works. She has even invited me to participate and I am excited to do so. This can be you too if you listen to those divine inspirations and act on them NOW.

Then there was Saul Maraney from south Africa. A gentle yet powerful soul that is teaching the value of Ho’oponopono. Check out this GREAT video he did that gives a terrific 6 minute overview of what Ho’oponopono is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSfbkG97H7Q. He gifted me a lovely bracelet made by local tribes… just beautiful.

Jennifer Hawkins is an amazing go getter that is learning the value of taking care of herself and is teaching others to do the same… she JUST launched her book and had an amazing launch (already at #34 on Amazon bestsellers) . Jennifer was able to offer me some wonderful insight about my health that was quite profound for me. She is quite a gift!

Then there was the bright (I am talking genius level) and enthusiastic John Reilly with his "magic" machine, the LifeStream Generator. Michale Beckwith has this and Joe Vitale uses it to help him meditate. I just got one too. You can check it out at www.zeropointresearch.com .Bottom line true inventor developing life changing products.

I can’t leave this blog without talking about the irreverent , genius and TRUE master Jerry Stocking.  I can’t really describe this amazing man but to say that he changed a lot of peoples lives at this event… he is beyond beyond. In an instant he was able to detect some of my core issues, he gave me a wonderful and very direct critique of my talk that I know will change the way my healing energy is received by audiences forever. I experienced so many epiphanies in his presence that it will take weeks to work through it.  You have to be ready for someone like Jerry then take full advantage of the depths that you will explore together, and I intend to explore further.

Joe of course was the master of masters, I so love being in his presence,  I once again learned some new tricks, insights and  processes, like this for example… When we take on something new, we are not the person at the beginning of a project that we are at the end. Just by simply knowing this and acknowledging it, the path can be gentler more open and fun (I am severely paraphrasing here but you get the point). So knowing what you do know and using that and combining that with knowing that you don’t know, can serve you to open up to help and assistance from those who do know (that last bit was a bit esoteric, but mull it over). So cool! 

Join me next Tuesday for another Healing with The Masters program. May 13 will feature yours truly Jennifer McLean. As most of you know I was honored to be asked by Joe Vitale to contribute a chapter in his
best-selling book, The Key, (over 500,000 copies sold), in which I included my
techniques for clearing old, unwanted beliefs, and thoughts that get stuck in
the body as emotional blockages limiting expression and human potential. For
this talk I will walk you through this technique so you can do it for yourself.
I will also be offering tonal healing, a healing journey through your body and maybe, if time allows, a healing soul song for the group. So get ready to SHIFT! If you haven’t signed up yet it is absolutely FREE go to www.healingwiththemasters.com

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  1. Jennifer,
    Thanks for the Attract Wealth Recap blog, I love to learn from great spirts like yourself who share other talents they come across, I will surely follow up your recommendation on the works of Mark Ryan, Craig Perrine of Inspired Marketing, Lisa Coultman, Aymee Rodriguez, Saul Maraney, Jennifer Hawkins & John Reilly.
    Writing of talents my personal talent discovery is Eleesha, she has written over 2,700 affirmations – I’m sure you will soon discover her – http://www.eleesha.com
    Thanks for all that you do for us, with the “healing with the masters” series.
    Eddie ~ Friends of Eleesha

  2. Saul Maraney says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Thank you for this great blog post.
    It was wonderful to have met you last weekend at The Attracting Wealth Seminar in Austin. To be around your warmth and beautiful smile was a wonderful gift for me. – Thank you!
    Hearing your presentation and singing was certainly a major highlight of the whole weekend for me, and your singing during Mark’s hypnosis session on Sunday really touched me at the most deepest level.
    I have written over thirty Ho’oponopono articles based on Joe Vitale’s wonderful book “Zero limits” that I wanted to share with you and your subscribers.
    They can be found at the following link:
    Writing these articles has really helped me better understand Ho’oponopono, and has greatly assisted me in my personal growth, and I have received a lot of great feedback about them from my blog subscribers. I hope you and your subscribers also enjoy them.
    I’d love to hear your feedback on them if you have a moment.
    Once again, thank you for all your warmth, and for everything that you shared with me.
    Kind regards,
    Saul Maraney
    Johannesburg, South Africa

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    Beautifully written in regards to the entire experience of The Atrract Wealth Seminar. It was a Big WOW
    It was so great to meet you and spend sometime down time with you and others on Sunday night. I loved it!

  4. Michele Maes says:

    Hi Jennifer
    Just listened to your lastest teleseminar recording where you are the speaker and whaow! Powerful! Thanks so much for all your sharing and wishing you wellness for very soon.
    Michele Maes