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May 20th, 2007

(Personal) Blossoming Requires Fertilizer

Excerpts of Rev David Phears Sunday Talk

Sangha Center for Spiritual Living

Fertilization = the
act or process of initiating biological reproduction.

Imagine that thoughts are seeds and the fruit of those
thoughts are our experience. In the biological process of growing, fertilizer
is a important. Not being a farmer or a gardener, most of the biological
fertilizer that I have encountered in my life has been of the odiferous kind, when
I smell it I am repulsed so I tend to shy away from fertilizer of the
biological persuasion.

However in my own life I tended to do the same thing when it
came to ‘smelly situations’ that I ran into in my journey. I avoided things
such as intense loneliness, debilitating fear, raunchy addictions and a lack
and limitation belief system like a distasteful olfactory plague.

In hindsight I see that I indeed was the only one who
allowed the seeds of that kind of thinking to enter into the sanctity of my
decision making process. And I paid dearly for it – many of you have or are going
through similar things yes? It felt to me at the time that I had no way out –
no solution.

What I continued to run from was the confrontation with my
own belief system – the stinky stuff/the funky stuff the fertilizer necessary
for my weed thoughts to be cleared up – and the confidence/awareness and
practice of planting new seeds of prosperity, joy, forgiveness.

It took a willingness to stop pointing at people places and
things as cause to any wilted times or weed choked moments. I had to look at
me. I had to tell myself the truth and make a decision.

The fertilizer funk in your life shows up as button pushers,
nay-sayers – gossipers, ‘haters’ who think they know why they are in your
experience. But now you can take them out of the picture and focus on what they
– as your personal fertilizer funk – have initiated in your thinking and
feeling nature that can be addressed, refocused, transformed or transmuted.

Imagine, you can get so good at this spiritual living thing
that just like the stinky fertilizer for plants, you can smell the teaching
situation (usually called the challenge de jour) coming a mile away and guess
what – you can start on the solution before the problem has time to stink up
your presence.


Sometimes life may stink, yet when I
awake spiritually, if I stop and think that since life is all about ebb and flow
– then this too shall pass and from this I shall grow.

Rev David’s Sunday
talks is a weekly feature of The Big Book of You Blog


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