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November 3rd, 2011

Lindsay Wagner – How to Quiet the Mind & Open the Heart

Lindsay Wagner softly and gently enveloped us in the powerful embrace of love tonight, on Healing With The Masters.

It’s part of our human journey to cover up the mastery each of us has been Divinely gifted. We create illusions about ourselves through the process of identifying with the external world and the things we’ve heard about ourselves. Around the age of 7 we start to develop our own ideas out of everything we’ve taken in. As we evolve that becomes a dis-identifying process, which can result in great turmoil.

There is great wisdom on the other side of that turmoil. When we recognize that phenomena manifests through this process and that we are a critical part of it… in that moment we start waking up to the magnificence of ourselves and the whole creation of life. We have an opportunity to use the identification that we think is who we are, to then move into something different. Using the wisdom gained from our painful experiences, we can then learn to take care of ourselves when faced with the needs of the whole.

Silver linings emerge from dark clouds and we are now at the point of choice. We have worked our spiritual muscle through that painful process to discover that it was actually a gift. From that perspective we can turn things around where we held judgment about ourselves.

What judgments are you holding about yourself? What kind of gifts can they be turned into now? How can you use them for yourself?

You were born of two personalities and came out with your own. When you hold the tenacity of taking care of yourself and your own needs with the same precious love that you do for others, you begin to realize that you need to help yourself figure how to make things happen.

When you take the time to get more in touch with you… not the you that you think you are, but the you where your childlike spontaneity came from… when you go back to the real you, that’s where you’ll find your inspiration again.

A feeling of safety came through as Lindsay’s took us through some wonderfully nurturing processes that inspired self-love and welled the emotions.

She shared fast, fun and effective techniques to rapidly switch us from the contracted energy of fear and discord, into the expansive energy of love and harmony, which is our natural state.

We learned a simple technique for letting go, and that embracing our negative emotions instead of resisting them actually raises our vibrational frequency.

Life is only this moment to the next moment, to the next moment. Our next moment is a function of this moment. Without realizing it, we get attached to what we are doing and lose site of who we are.

We were held in a beautiful, gentle and sacred space, filled with care and the Highest Light, tonight, as Lindsay Wagner helped us remember!

This was just a remarkably sweet, nurturing call. Show yourself some love and listen to the replay.

And, if you’re ready to treat yourself to the gift of you, the real YOU, not the one you think you are, check out Lindsay’s fabulous offer at:



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