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February 17th, 2013

A Note About Panache Desai

Lately I’ve been crossing paths with so many people who continue to raise the question, “How can every single thing that happens actually be happening FOR me or FOR us?”

This leads me back to last December when I joined forces with Panache Desai in Orlando, Florida for a revolutionary program called 12-12-12 Global Gathering.

Let me start by sharing that part of the reason I chose to do this Global Gathering event is that I connect with Panache in a very unique way. For example, he and I have always talked a lot about not playing with the “story.” Because it’s not necessary to hang onto the “story” anymore as we move into this new era that awaits us – a place of possibility so far beyond from where we’ve come.

This gathering was an amazing, fun, exhilarating and very deep journey to the soul. We held people in an embrace of love, reflected back to the beautiful individuals the bright light that they are. We opened hearts and minds in ways I never quite experienced before.
I truly saw everyone in the audience shift dramatically. Really and truly.

And there was one gentleman there who stood up to work with me directly as a catalyst for the group. He talked about cruelty to animals and it was an incredibly powerful and poignant moment because we used something that is just so horrible as an opportunity.

The theory is that EVERYTHING is here FOR you, FOR us. But how could something as horrible as this be there for me or you or us? How could that the possible? So we used it. We tapped into his system.

Part of my process of healing is appreciating the expression as the system is presented with life and how the system responds to that reflection. Because reflection is just the system expressing itself. So, after going into and exploring his system, we realized that, for this person, this moment of cruelty triggered a sacred part of him and that resulted in an awakening for all of us in his presence.

Cruelty is not OK. At all. In fact, we actually felt the grief and horror of it and what it triggered in him/us. A beautiful animal went through a horrific experience, and survived – by the way, to bring us here – to a new place of expanding possibility so that cruelty like that does NOT have to happen.

We can start ending this cruelty. This is not cruelty to change a group of 200 people. This is something that continues to show up so that ALL of humanity can change. So, if those 200 people can change from that horrific experience, then they can change 2,000 people, and those 2,000 can change two million.

Trite comments like “It’s a gift,” is simply some new age jargon that writes off the significance in the sacrifice and experiences of all beings on the planet. We are in a time where, if people sacrifice, are to experience that.

The horrible moments we are witnessing are opportunities for the expansion of humanity and mass awakening. Do you see that?

Panache and I talked about the new age ‘language’ and jargon of ‘new spirituality’ and how it leaves people out. The definition of a cult is the use of jargon that alienates people. That’s not spirituality. In fact, it doesn’t even need to have a label. It can just be called life. We don’t need or have to use a ‘special language.’ We can talk like human beings to each other – about what is going on in your life and how we can impact or have impacted one another.

The ‘stuff’ and beliefs we held before are over. It led us to this point in this new place and that’s why it was there. But it’s over. Let’s not alienate others nor their experiences.

Be sure to catch our very own Panache Desai on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, February 24th at 11am Eastern/Pacific on OWN and via worldwide simulcast on Oprah.com and Super Soul Sunday’s Facebook page.

Mark your calendars and tap into your high-frequency capacity to unite with us, through intention, as we collectively imbue this special show with love, creating a portal of love to transmit around the globe for ALL to receive it.


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