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February 18th, 2013

A Note About Panache Desai

I’ve been in communication with a lot of you throughout season 10 of Healing With The Masters – and since it ended – and I am thoroughly enjoying all the stories of transformation, which you’ve been seeking, initiating, manifesting and/or experiencing.

Your stories call to mind some of the amazing conversations I’ve shared with my brilliant and dear friend, Panache Desai. Last season, he offered some incredibly insightful & liberating wisdom about the recurring topics of stress, anxiety and overwhelm. He also emphasized their REAL purpose in our lives.

I wanted to remind you of this profound insight as you continue on your journey to becoming the truth of who you are.

There is a greater energy upon us. Do you feel it? Have you been feeling a sense of anticipation?

As Panache shared, “Everything within you that you’ve repressed or suppressed or judged is coming up or getting ready to come up. The guilt is beginning to vibrate out of your body. The fear is beginning to vibrate out of your body. The anger and the sadness that society condemns and judges and enforces us to repress and suppress is beginning to vibrate up and out of your body.

You are moving into more, into greater alignment with your true self – with that self that is eternal and infinite, the way the Divine created you to be. The version of you that the Divine, itself, marveled at. The Divine actually stopped for a moment and proclaimed YOU the most beautiful thing it had ever made.”

Can you feel and know the truth in this? …For you – and for everyone on this planet? Can you sit for a moment with the energy in this message and allow its blanket of divine wisdom to wrap itself around your entire being – just as you are?

Feel into what is coming up for you as the divine frequencies in this message embrace you. Allow whatever it is to come up and know that it’s here to serve you. It’s all here to serve you. Always. It’s purpose is to move you into the flow of Divine energy that you have always been.

Now is the time to shift the perception that created the barriers and limitations, which define the quality and condition of your life. Now is the time to open your heart to the life of infinite possibility that’s been awaiting you.

Be sure to catch our very own Panache Desai on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, February 24th at 11am Eastern/Pacific on OWN and via worldwide simulcast on Oprah.com and Super Soul Sunday’s Facebook page.


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