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November 8th, 2011

Bill Bauman – Through the Eyes of a Mystic

When was the last time you had the privilege of looking at life through the eyes of a mystic? In this beautiful, heartfelt conversation, filled with unbelievably abundant blessings and grace, that is what was offered tonight, on Healing With The Masters.

Words like beguiled and magic come to mind in an attempt to describe this deliciously indescribable call. A powerfully sacred, space pulled us gently and joyfully into the awareness that we were being embraced in an unconditional love that can only come from the heart of authenticity.

His life’s purpose clearly revealed to him, Bill Bauman is here to be the soul of the planet, to embody the spirit of creation, be love, embody love and radiate love to each of us, who he describes as personalized units of the Universe.

What is the spirit of love calling you here for? It’s not calling upon you for judgment, because there are enough of us doing that, so there’s nothing more to add to the planet by standing in judgment. Looking at any situation through the lens of the heart creates a really different picture. When one’s judgments are big, that’s hard to do. Connecting to our heart helps us renew our commitment to life, our passion about life and wakes us up to who we really are.

Consider the nature of deep, deep pain in others when it is projected onto us. If we don’t take it personally, it frees us to see what’s really going on with them; that they’re just trying to heal. This simple awareness creates a space of allowing for another as well as ourselves, because it just keeps opening the heart. It’s a juicy, beautiful expression of spirit.

Why are you here on the planet? At the silent space of your being, what answer comes up? Can you feel your heart? Can you lead with it in all situations? How does your knowing soul want you to show up to everything?

The soul is the central core of the self, which is an individualized form of the soul core of life. Everything has a soul. Every thought, every feeling, every cell is a soulful entity.

If you are in pain, go to the deepest truth of it – instead of trying to numb it, go to it. Plunge into the deep end of it, looking for the soul of it. If you hang out with the pain long enough, you will discover the reason it’s there. There’s a truth to it, a message, something that’s just waiting to be revealed. Oftentimes pain doesn’t go away because we haven’t gotten the message yet. So, go into the soul of it, love the pain enough to be willing to be in that kind of relationship with it, even if it hurts until you get the message. Healing is an internal job. It lifts us and grows us into ourselves.

Everyone is hungry for love and compassion… for healing. People sub-consciously put their pain out, asking subliminally for love. A lot of times they dump their lower vibrational “stuff” onto you. Are they holding a mirror, reflecting you, or do they see somebody who has a heart, who has a soul? What would happen if you could just love them, in as pure a way as possible? The way you think God loves them?

When you can go beyond the personal and feel into another’s experience, your soul’s bond. It is then that you can respond in a way that makes a huge difference, show up to the truth of what’s going on with them, and amazing things happen.

Love is a miracle-producing phenomenon… healing, a treasure, because all healing is an excuse for love. We need healing because there is some facet of us that’s not feeling united. We have a soul contract that says the whole purpose of three-dimensional human living is to love. Healing is a precious ritual that builds on this agreement we come together in love. We came here to bask in the miracle, magic, wonder and grace of love.

What is the spirit of love calling you here for? If we could ask ourselves no other question that this, it would be a life changer. Love is a singular phenomenon, the soul of life, the juice of life.

There’s magic in life… magic in this call…. too much to relay here, with words insufficient to capture the true essence of the gifts it contains, including a very, very powerful, light healing exercise. Just phenomenal!

This is sure to be a one you will listen to over and over again.

What does your heart say? How would your heart direct you? What would love invite you to?

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