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November 29th, 2011

John Grey – Secrets of Successful Relationships

Tonight on Healing With The Masters, Dr. John Gray shared some fascinating insights about the nature of the relationships between men and women.

There are some key differences between the sexes and how our brains process information. This was a very hopeful call because it provided specific reasons for why we interact the way we do, and how we can better understand one another to not only create more intimate relationships, but better health as well.

One of the greatest causes of stress is bad communication in a relationship. On the flip side, the number one way to cope with the stress of our lives is to be in a good relationship.

Many men don’t understand the power of affection. It dramatically increases a body hormone in women called oxytocin, otherwise known as the love hormone and is a great, uplifting, de-stressor for women. Men produce this hormone as well, however for men, oxytocin inhibits the production of testosterone and literally makes them tired. It is the reason a man falls asleep after sex and a woman wants to talk; both have released a great deal of oxytocin, but their bodies process it differently.

For a tired man, resting is what allows his body to replace his depleted testosterone, which is vital in order to solve problems. A tired woman rejuvenates by creating a beautiful environment or loving relationships.

How, in our fast paced lives, which cause high stress in our bodies, do we use this opposite body chemistry to assist each other?

John talked about male and female polarity, what it has to do with the way men pull away and become repelled by the women they’re attracted to, and why it’s important for women to not take it personally.

He had some invaluable advice about why women should consider men as the dessert, not the main meal in life, the tremendous power of a self-sufficient woman to bring out the best in a man, how a woman can use the man in her life as a stress reducer, and why a woman who demands that a man have a talk with her, is as bad as a man who demands sex from a woman!

There are several gems in this call, like how to get a man to do things for you with a communication skill set that easily motivates him, how to teach a man to come out of his man cave and listen to you, the beauty of a “honey do list” and the art of turning nagging into requests that he’ll respond to.

Nobody wants a boss in his or her relationship. What we want is to be in charge of our own time and actions. Multiply that times ten for a man. Nobody wants anybody to be in charge about how they should feel. Multiply that times ten for a woman.

The newness of a relationship stimulates hormones that make us perceive life as perfect, much like a drug-induced state. As our perception changes over time, we lose our ability to bring out the best in our partners. It’s important to be appreciative of what you have, to understand that nobody is perfect and to learn to live in a world that isn’t ruled by fear or guilt or shame.

We have to find ways to be more loving and more intimate, because higher levels of intimacy and love are the antidotes to higher levels of stress.

If you are ready to experience higher levels of intimacy, have true and lasting peace with the opposite sex, release the anger and frustration from years of misunderstanding, move into a place of deep and meaningful love, affection, and just plain acceptance.., and in turn be completely accepted for who you are, then you are ready for this profound, relationship-saving Special Offer from Dr. John Gray, just for you as a participant of Healing With The Masters.

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