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November 16th, 2011

Jon Griffin – Tapping Into Your Divine Melody

Today’s Bonus Call with Jon Griffin on Healing With The Masters was simply remarkable! He engaged the healing frequencies of sound with such a high level of purpose, consciousness and intention that we actually had a testimonial of one caller’s healing from years of chronic pain!

If you listened to the call live, chances are you’re already taking advantage of the replay to get another magical hit of the healing energies you experienced. Guess what? There were limitations to the phone line so, Jon has given us even higher quality sound healings of what he shared and you experienced on the call. These healing sounds will take you deeper into your resonant truth.

Everything in life has a frequency. It is vital to stay aware of what frequencies we are creating and what frequencies we are attracting, because that’s what we will resonate to the world. By not being present and not being aware, we are avoiding being authentic to our truest intentions, our divine melody.

At the heart of it all, our intention is to resonate fully, to connect with others, to live whole-heatedly, to allow ourselves to be vulnerable to life’s experiences and to make those beautiful connections, which are truly how we make a difference in the world. When we don’t resonate authentically, we lose site of our intention.

All frequency cycles move at a particular pulse, like the breath or the ocean tide. Sound is the same. It is literally the high and low movement of air pressure. If you could move a fan 440 times in one second, you would produce an A note, what orchestras classically tune to. It brings everyone into that harmony of being in tune.

The Science of what’s really going on is interesting, but you don’t have to know anything about science to know that there are sounds that you like and resonate with, and many sounds that you don’t like and find discordant. Underneath the science is the shifting of our being.

We’re being bombarded with all these frequencies. When we aren’t aware of what sounds and frequencies we’re accepting into our bodies, letting pass through us, surrounding ourselves with, using to align our brain, then we’re just subject to all frequencies around us. That becomes a really difficult state. How do we null and void the lower vibrations and allow the higher vibrations in?
It’s important to understand that what you resonate with is a choice. How that gets played out in a concrete way, for example, is if you’re raised in an environment of conflict, your conduct often is adapted around that mindset of conflict. It gets really hard to see that that doesn’t have to be your way.

Giving yourself the opportunity to resonate with a particular frequency allows you to channel the deepest truths within yourself and resonate them outward into the world. There is choice involved in every relationship. What goes into your ear when you choose to listen to particular sounds, you are creating a harmonic vibration with that sound.

Universe comes from the Latin meaning of “one turn”, one cycle. Jon’s interpretation of Universe is one frequency. Everything that exists is a harmonic frequency of that one frequency. So when we hear music or chimes that we like, we’re resonating with something that allows us to be harmonically attuned to a deeper place within, and harmonic resonance with the Universe itself. Isn’t that awesome!

Each of us plays such an important part of what’s happening in the Universe. Right now, all of us, in this moment, we are happening together. We’re generating, and resonating a frequency that we’re sharing with the people we work with, live with, have relations with. The world is waking up to the idea that we can have a more harmonic union with each other.

What do we do with the moments of dissonance? Do they serve a purpose?

Why did we feel so good after Jon shared his musical pieces?

How can you tap into your inner divine melody?

Learn the answers to these questions and more as Jon shares more insights about the sacred healing power of music and the tools that we can use to shift our energy.

Jon tells of the spark that started him down the path of spiritual discovery and a life-long interest in the healing power of sound. And, he shares the beautiful and inspirational story about one of the most magical moments in his life, shared with a lion, in the wilderness.

Grace-filled and heart-centered, Jon Griffin was an undeniable healing presence for us today.

If you’re resonating with wanting to learn more about Jon’s work, we invite you to take a look at his Special Offer. You won’t find this anywhere else, and if you were on the receiving end of his energies on this call, you already know the healing potential that awaits you.

For details, go to: http://specials.healingwiththemasters.com/jon


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