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November 2nd, 2011

Kaitlyn Keyt – The Sacred Polarity Ratio in Nature

This Bonus call was OFF THE CHARTS! Literally, figuratively and every-which-way in between. Kaitlyn Keyt is a treasure. The information she shared today on Healing With The Masters is worth its weight in gold. She presented a simple, scientifically viable and incredibly powerful explanation of why our brains function at a fraction of their capacity.

Growing up as the “if she can do it you can do it,” child, Kaitlyn realized that book smarts do not equal genius. Discovering her scientific mind late in life by most standards, Kaitlyn now uses Nature as her laboratory. Her scientific associates include things like trees and bark! She creates unbelievably significant and effective vibrational tools for bringing humankind back into balance with the Sacred Polarity Ratio in Nature, which is the Energy of all Creation.

Setting the intention for a fun, simple and magical call, Kaitlyn confided that the thing that kicked off the great flow of information in her was when she started believing in herself. That’s when her life really got exciting. It was a great reminder that what we believe is where our energy goes and it is our perception that creates our reality.

We played with the yin/yang symbol and car batteries, learning what they mean to our ability to release fears about radiation and EMF’s

With silliness and eloquence Kaitlyn’s explanations cut through the mind fog that keeps us running our victimhood stories. The vibration of truth resonated in our hearts and provided thrilling “A ha!” moments about why we are facing the kinds of challenges we’ve been experiencing. The beauty is, it’s nobody’s fault! There is no bad guy! There’s only energy doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing as we evolve according to the laws of science.

We’ve been under the belief that there are two strands of DNA. Scientists have discovered that there are actually 12. They call the other 10, Junk DNA. Kaitlyn believes that we have just not had the capacity to activate those strands of DNA, and that we are quickly gaining that capacity, which will result in super human abilities and gifts in the very near future. How exciting is that? If the sophistication of our technology is a reflection of the sophistication of our minds, imagine what that means for the future as we evolve into these new vibrational heights!

Kaitlyn’s languaging around The Sacred Polarity Ratio, that pattern of creation that is repeated in everything in Nature, from the spirals of a pinecone to the configuration of the brain; that female/male polarity which creates a baby, a seed, a thought, the ultimate balance… her languaging around that is profound and even more accessible. That which is of nature is bio-identifiable. Our bodies naturally know how to use it, embrace it, mesh with it. That which is synthetic throws nature out of balance.

Humankind has been thrown out of balance. We have unplugged from the feminine side of our Nature and the remaining masculine is seeking desperately to find the natural balance again. Why have we unplugged? What is the purpose? How can we plug back in again?

Nature has amazing information for us. We are nature. Who better to remind us of this than Nature itself? Its time to remember who we are and step back into our power. Nature is there for us, ready to remind us.

This call is filled with awesome, AWESOME CONTENT from a truly brilliant mind, which has found a way to share that brilliance with the world in a meaningful way! And, you want to know something interesting? If Kaitlyn can do it, you can do it! It’s wonderful how Nature has a way of taking care of things!

Exciting call! Exciting Special Offers – more than 15 of them at 65% OFF– REALLY! If you’re interested in getting plugged back into your greatness, you’re probably feeling a little nudge from the Universe to check this out. Go ahead, let Nature have Its way with you!

To learn more go to:

http://www.vibesup.com/healing or http://specials.healingwiththemasters.com/kaitlyn



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