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February 20th, 2013

Panache Desai and Super Soul Sunday

Did you know that hundreds of millions of people around the globe are constantly in search of love?

Each of us actually has our own definition and idea of what love is, so we seek something and/or someone very specific – to match that notion – with which we can receive and share that love. If we sense that there’s no “match,” we move onto the next and the next and the next.

But I want to remind you of divine love here. Though the love we feel in a relationship can be powerful, it can also serve as a reminder of the divine love that is all around us. Unlike the type of love that we, as humans, are familiar with, divine love is what we all are; it is pure, immortal and its energy is always present, flowing endlessly in, around and through all. It is our guaranteed connection to everything – especially ourselves.

Divine love is a recurring topic on most of our McLean Masterworks and Healing With The Masters programs mostly in part because all of our contributors and guests are dedicated to helping every individual realize, see, feel and know the divine infinite love that they are.

In fact, repeated guest and spiritual catalyst, Panache Desai, often contributes profoundly inspirational insights based on this topic.

I connect deeply with Panache because the energy frequencies coming through every word he speaks are astonishing. There really are high-vibrating energies of direct connection coming from him to us – reminding us of who we are, not acting or saying that he is better than us, but really saying, “I am just like you and you can have this, too.”

One of his messages that really resonated with our community members and listeners came from season 9 of Healing With The Masters. It is so powerful to me, too, that I had to share it again:

“The divine loves you infinitely. You’re not broken. You don’t need fixing. You don’t need healing. You are not a mistake. You’ve never done anything wrong.

Every aspect of you was crafted in absolute divine perfection. Within every single one of you resides an entirely unique expression of source energy. Every single one of you is a divine being. Lovingly allow yourself to receive more, grow bigger. From this space of infinite expansiveness, you can receive infinitely.

Are you willing to allow yourself to receive love infinitely? Are you willing to receive your infinite abundance? Are you willing to receive your infinite health and vitality? Are you willing to be infinitely connected to source energy and source potential? Are you willing to live your soul signature and transform consciousness?

Are you willing to receive in your heart the infinite contribution that you have been to the millions of lives that have been touched on this planet? No matter what your circumstances are, your choice to incarnate at this time makes this world a better place. Your choice to embody the resonance that you are is changing and transforming the very fabric of reality.

It’s never about you doing more or being more or becoming something better or even being a better version of you. The only thing required of you is to have the courage to walk the journey of your life fully being you.

The divine loves you infinitely. You are all energies and everything you see in creation is part of you. Everything you perceive is a reflection of the inner light that you are. Every human being is an infinite being with infinite potential. We are who the divine created us to be and we are now ready to reclaim it.”

WOW… Breathe in this profound message of divine love. Feel it. Feel the divine infinite love that you are. Sense and feel and know the infinite abundance that you are and all that you have transformed for good just by being YOU.

There’s no coincidence that Panache’s messages resonate so extremely deeply with our listeners. He truly is a messenger of divine love, moving us to a place of truth – showing us that we are the power, the miracle, we are all of it.

There’s also no coincidence that Oprah, herself, now sees in our very own Panache what YOU first saw. And you will get to witness Panache conversing one-on-one with her as she experiences that divine template of energy – becoming and remembering the divinity that we all are. Make sure you tune into Oprah’s Emmy Award-winning Super Soul Sunday on February 24, 2013 at 11am Eastern/Pacific on OWN or via worldwide simulcast at Oprah.com or the Super Soul Sunday facebook page.

And let’s flood the planet with love. We are requesting to bring an intention of flooding the planetary grid with your energy of love. We can use this portal of opportunity to get Panache’s important and powerful messages of love into a broader spectrum of light through Oprah’s this audience. So, get your friends and family to watch and hold an intention of love as you are watching. Let’s use this opportunity and shift this WHOLE thang, shall we?

Mark your calendars for February 24th and tap into your high-frequency capacity to unite with us, through intention, as we collectively imbue this special show with love, creating a portal of love to transmit around the globe for ALL to receive it.

And if you want more of Panache, be sure to register HERE for our all new 11th season of Healing With The Masters – featuring Panache – and get access to his exclusive, FREE 4-show inspirational video series.


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